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QRS Robotics Newsletter – October 6, 2021

We wanted to let everyone know about the latest developments at QRS. Please have look at our How We Spent Our Summer video below to find out.

Our team was busy these past few months. We developed a new Control App, introduced LiDAR sensors to map surroundings, enhanced our robots’ ability to carry and tow things, and completed the latest version of our Robotic Stairclimbing Assistant (ROSA). 

As a challenge, we decided to test ROSA on ever-higher outdoor stairs. This culminated in a 110-step climb (up and down) of the Baldwin Steps at Toronto’s historic Casa Loma. Check out our Instagram feed to see all of our stairclimbing videos.

QBii is small (5x9x11) and weighs only 9lb, but don’t let its size deceive you. QBii is a multi-function service robot capable of carrying and towing much heavier loads. Click on the image to see a video of QBii in action.

Controlling our robots just got simpler. See our new Control App in action in the video below.

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